We are based upon 100% customer satisfaction!

A Focus on Excellence

Stesco Consulting was formed in 1997 and by choice has remained a highly selective and targeted consultancy. In 2007, we started The Social Gathering as a subsidiary organization that is specifically dedicated to helping organizations embrace social media.


We hand pick our projects with a focus on:

1) Aligning the expertise necessary for success, and

2) Attaining complete customer satisfaction.


Our firm consists of select principal owners and an established network of top-tier, hand selected independent consultants and alliance partners, each of which have proven experience and targeted skills.

Helping Your Business

Stesco was established in 1997 as a consulting firm that specialized in the emerging arena of web-based applications and working with large organizations to align business and technology efforts. Key methodologies were designed to help organizations embrace the advent of the internet. As the company grew and the internet matured, our corporate focus transitioned into helping organizations develop specialized strategies that target growth, new opportunity, and optimize their operations.


We have worked with many types of organizations within non-profit, service industries, manufacturing, Fortune 1000, and small companies. Today, we leverage our experience and repository of key lessons learned and best practices to create results in a highly effective and efficient manner. Our experience combines with customer expertise to generate strategic advantage.


Our principal owners focus personal attention on each project, and depending on project requirements, we will contract and manage alliance consultants that are hand-selected based upon their experience and the project need. We are highly selective and target our projects in order to work within our core areas of expertise. Our focus is to individually align our experience with each customer and to ensure that we are delivering top-notch results.


We strive to meet and exceed customer expectation. We operate upon the foundational values of honesty and integrity, and we are driven to achieve customer excellence.

Through our Stesco Consulting network, we have what it takes to deliver results with each and every project. Our expertise combines entrepreneurial innovation with fortune-level executive success.

We take a customer centric approach that allows us to work interactively and as an extension of our customer. We help our clients to extract internal strengths and build a strategic roadmap that is specific to their mission and focus. We specialize in helping each customer identify a roadmap that will:

 Plan effectively for the future,

 Optimize their operations,

 Help eliminate inefficiencies,

 Avoid potential pitfalls,

 Align key resources, and

 Manage growth.

execute the vision

it needs to thrive