This $7 billion services company was facing challenges in recruiting, hiring, and training skilled engineers.  To meet its foreseeable business opportunities, it is estimated that the company needed to grow by additional 2000 employees within three years, in addition to the normal turnover and expected retirements.


Improving the recruiting, retention, and development of the staff was not only primary objectives, they were the necessities.


Stesco Consulting provided interim executive support over a 14 month period of time providing overall operational guidance and leadership as this new corporate segment was planned, built, and established.  Stesco also provided project support as the concept was developed and partnering vendors were aligned for execution.


This company has a rich legacy of employee skill development through its ongoing delivery of instruction and employee training.  This history and corporate commitment provided the foundation for developing the corporate university, which targeted to both internal employees and also expanded to the general marketplace.


This corporate university was developed to expand into the knowledge economy and focus on transferring knowledge for new market opportunities.  This positioned the company as the employer of choice within their industry.


The key drivers in creating this corporate university were:

· Enhance recruiting, retention and development of their staff

· Provide an edge by distinguishing the company  as a world class employer

· Be the first in the industry to develop a world class educational “brand”

· To become a profit center by providing training to the extended enterprise


This project was highly successful following a 14 month planning, development, and pilot launch time-frame.  The results of this project were published in 2006 in a special edition of  “Chief Learning Officer” magazine.


Case Study: Building a Corporate University

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