This was an extensive research and development project working with leading vendors and exploring ways to leverage mobile technologies for business improvement.


The goal of this project was to research and explore the emerging environment of mobile computing and application for the construction industry. This project established a business framework and a evaluated process efficiencies for the mobility effectiveness of remote and work-site based employees.

Stesco Consulting provided operational and project support opportunities were researched and execution options were identified.  The project lasted 10 months and explored new business opportunity as well as efficiency gain.  Strategic partnerships were assessed and utilized with leading companies to create additional advantage and project momentum.  Specific technologies were researched and field tested, demonstrating clear benefit and business result.


The project findings further identified business opportunities to leverage mobile computing technology for productivity gain and revenue expansion within the construction industry. 


One project alone demonstrated 12.5% efficiency gain, resulting in several million dollars in savings annually.


Case Study: Mobility Strategy Development

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