The client is one of the largest, internationally-based non-profit organizations in the world. This project was sponsored with a collaborative effort to share information at an executive level for international deployment. The project researched key technology platforms for a very large project to manage staff development globally.

The challenge was to unify pockets of innovation and centralize staff development efforts into an accessible and usable learning center. We navigated the organizational culture and used a communication strategy to demonstrate results and convey benefit, gaining organizational buy-in.

Urgency was expressed by the board of directors to provide due diligence with their ongoing technology-based deployment plan. A thorough Needs Assessment and a Request For Information (RFI) was used to provide a comparative analysis and recommendation to the Board.

This process was fairly complex and required an thorough understanding of 1) the non-profit environment, 2) best practices, and 3) an understanding of technology systems and scalability issues.

The phased approach to this project included:

1. A Needs Assessment: Overall needs were identified for cross-organizational usage and used to guide the project results.

2. Analysis: Research was conducted and key vendors were selected for analysis.

3. Assessment & Modeling: Key technology platforms were assessed and then aligned with overall organizational needs for best-fit scenarios.

4. Selection: Finalists were extensively reviewed including total cost of ownership and the creation of a partnership matrix was used to determine the go-forward approach.


This overall project spanned 18 months and comprised several smaller projects. There was a lead strategy consultant involved throughout this entire process. For specific projects, a project manager and specific technical expertise was engaged from our consulting team.


Project results demonstrated best-fit scenarios that were directly aligned with organizational needs. Select vendor negotiations ensued and implementation of a globally accessible platform began.


As we closed out the project work, we focused on what we call a Qualitative Wrapper around Quantitative Metrics. In so doing, we clearly demonstrated that lives were positively impacted through testimonials and interviews, and supported our conclusions with clear financial and numeric metrics. This resulting experience and lessons learned are directly transferable to any non-profit organization.

Case Study: Not-For-Profit,
Global Strategy Development

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