The customer needed to take a deep dive into their existing business state and make adequate preparations for growth. The back-office systems and current offering were analyzed for scalability. Of particular importance was to put a plan of action to migrate their current correspondence based offerings into more of a web-oriented delivery.


We worked directly with the President of the virtual campus to build the business plan and the strategic framework for expansion.

We analyzed all aspects of the business from donor income to student services to marketing and sales. A complete plan was developed including: audience and communication planning, product strategy, marketing plan, and internet search strategy for lead creation. Additionally a detailed pro forma was created showing the projected revenue growth and ROI projections. This plan was presented to the board of directors along with a risk assessment and mitigation plan.

Following the strategic design and business planning process, we embarked upon a pilot initiative to demonstrate our projected results. An orientation course was developed for web delivery, along with the utilization of new web-based tools for accelerated course delivery and superior customer management. This demonstrated the viability for course expansion.

The pilot efforts included vendor negotiations, objective alignment, content creation, instructional design, course development, and pilot launch. We carefully assessed results and conducted a detailed post-project evaluation to prepare for full curriculum expansion.

Result: This project extended over 10 months. There was a lead strategy consultant involved throughout this entire process.

A business plan was developed, along with key strategic documents designed to manage future growth and market opportunity. The pilot demonstrated successful results and maintained 5 year growth targets of over 500% student increase and 300% margin improvement.

Case Study: Expansion of a Virtual Campus,
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