This international company was looking to align its execution strategy with the marketplace opportunity.  Stesco Consulting provided the strategic guidance and operational support required to develop a strategic roadmap for success.


Executive leadership was provided to guide overall operations and instill a “best practices” approach to unifying disparate global offices. 

This start-up company had been in development for several years and was looking to maximize impact as they prepared for branding and market launch.  Stesco Consulting provided an interim COO role to strengthen the overall strategic direction and design operational processes to manage growth.


A strategic assessment was conducted, working with executive leadership to identify risk and operational inefficiency.  A mitigation plan was established with a focus on maximizing marketplace success and investor return.


Organizational teams were evaluated on different continents with an effort on creating efficiency.  Best practices were identified to guide future development efforts and operational support.  This resulted in target improvement areas with a focus on exploiting marketplace trends.  The overall revenue strategy was improved through the identification of alternative revenue sources and a greater return on investment.

Case Study: International Market Launch and

Expansion, IPTV (Internet Protocol Television)

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