We have assembled several case studies that will highlight much of our experience with various clientele. 


Collectively, our Stesco Consultants have a combined experience level has “been there and done that”.  We carefully structure each project team with consultants that are uniquely chosen to exceed your expectations and deliver valuable results.


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Case Studies / Project Examples

Helping Your Business

Text Box: Stesco Consultants conducted both strategic development and operational leadership in planning, building, and launching a large corporate university.  This comprised both an internally focused offering for increasing employee effectiveness and reducing overall costs.  This also comprised an externally focused offering for brand-effectiveness and profit-oriented results.
Text Box: Building a Corporate University
Text Box: Stesco Consulting worked with a leading construction company to develop an overall mobility strategy.  The focus was to research and develop key processes to increase employee effectiveness and reduce overall costs.  Complexities involved remote, non-technical field-workers and non-uniform work processes.  Results generated significant savings and mitigation of outstanding risk.
Text Box: Development of a Mobility Strategy
Text Box: Stesco Consulting worked with one of the largest, internationally-based non-profit organizations in the world. This project was sponsored with a collaborative effort to share information at an executive level for international deployment. The project researched key technology platforms for a very large project to manage global staff development. 
Text Box: Non-Profit, Global Strategy Development
Text Box: Stesco Consulting worked with a leading Higher Education Institution to evaluate their overall strategy and approach within their virtual campus.  We worked directly with the President of the campus to put together a plan of action for increasing efficiency, reducing overall costs, and improving overall student satisfaction.  We assessed both their back-office and front-office systems and helped them design a multi-year strategy for improvement.
Text Box: Virtual Campus Expansion, Higher Education
Text Box: Stesco Consulting worked with a start-up organization to provide overall strategic guidance and operational leadership.  The focus was to prepare multiple, globally distributed offices for a uniform market launch and effective management of growth.  This involved extensive assessment, strategic development, and process reform.
Text Box: International Market Launch & Growth, IPTV
Text Box: Stesco Consulting worked with a not-for-profit high school to conduct a complete back-office analysis of their existing technology and systems.  This involved a thorough needs assessment and process evaluation.  We combined our findings with a best practice approach and conducted a thorough marketplace analysis, culminating with vendor and product alignment.
Text Box: Back-Office Assessment, Not-For-Profit School

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