Stesco Consultants have a wealth experience in the world of eLearning and knowledge management.  We have experience ranging from the strategic design and implementation of corporate universities to online course delivery and student collaboration.


Our experience with eLearning projects has consisted of many large organizations with a wide variety of experience in entire project lifecycle.

We can help you determine the best approach and solution for your organization.

Whether your organization is recently embracing an eLearning or knowledge management solution or has been attaining results from existing solutions for many years, there are many considerations for maximizing the impact of any offering.  We can assist you in understanding what you really need and help you identify and implement the right solution and toolset. 

Some of the key areas that we can help you navigate successfully comprise:

· eLearning and Knowledge Management: eLearning is a subset of knowledge management.  In essence, knowledge management focuses on providing a strategic framework to capture, harness, and leverage organizationally rich information to enhance overall performance and efficiency.   A knowledge management strategy focuses on the structure, process, tools, and technologies to effectively utilize information in order to create greater efficiency, consistency, and organizational benefit.


· For-Profit or Organizational Support:  We will help you develop your organizational strategy to determine if you are designing for external profit or for internal staff support.  We will help you conduct thorough analysis and understand the complexities of either approach.


· Financial Analysis:  We will work with you to build a complete financial model.  We will conduct thorough financial review and analysis for any ongoing or potential initiative.  We will help you understand project costs and conduct a cost-benefit analysis.  We will help you build a clear and reflective ROI model that will demonstrate accurate organizational results.


· Governance and Oversight:  We will help you establish the appropriate governance structures, oversight committees, and advisory panels to ensure that your initiative is successful. 


· Change Management:  We will help you plan and design your internal processes to manage any change.  This includes a complete communication analysis and strategy as well as any necessary marketing to ensure proper change management.  This includes analysis and planning for both bottom-up (grass-roots) buy-in, and top-down (executive) support.


· Tools and Technologies:  We will help you understand when and how to use a “Learning Management System”, and how best to manage your content needs.  We will work with you to identify the right tools for your organization and combine our experience to help you utilize the best solution.  We have extensive experience in helping you create a needs analysis and assist with the entire tool selection process, including complete RFP (“Request for Proposal”) analysis.


· Content and Courseware Design:  We will help you investigate and determine what the right approach is for content development and courseware design, including SCORM compliance.  We will work with you to align appropriate methodologies and both select and manage necessary vendors for maximum effectiveness.  We will ensure both best practice approach and transfer of knowledge as we help you manage your courseware development.  We will help you acquire the skills necessary to manage your organization for long-term success.


· Web Conferencing and Collaboration Tools:  We will help you implement best practice approaches for using web conferencing and synchronous delivery solutions effectively.  We can help you reduce costs and manage your workforce with efficiency.


· Web 2.0 Tools: We will guide you in understanding and implementing the right tools to supplement any type of eLearning or knowledge management solution.  This can include using blogs, wikis, discussion boards, and other tools to maximize course effectiveness.


· Vendor Management:  We will help you select, negotiate, implement, and manage vendor relationships for both fiscal prudence and long-term success.  We will help you determine when to outsource, when to partner, and when to build internally.

eLearning and Knowledge Management

"As a vendor neutral facilitator, Stesco Consulting is positioned as a trusted advisor, aligning the right tools and helping you manage the right vendors for your business." 

Helping Your Business

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