Mobility in the workforce is a reality for every business today. The sustained combination of investment, technology innovation, and consumer acceptance has brought us into a new era of potential for management and operational efficiencies. As the wireless generation continues to mature and gain momentum, companies are being forced to take notice.


Mobility is not just a cultural or technological phenomenon. Effectively utilized, mobility is about eliminating inefficiencies, shortening process cycles, and optimizing business by providing information to the right people at the exact time they need it, regardless of location.

With an almost unlimited array of vendors and services driving towards the attainment of any-where, any-time access to information, it is increasingly difficult for organizational leadership to understand how to make sense of it all. Leading executives are asking themselves:

 What does mobility mean in the context of my business?

 How can it be used for advantage?

 Where should it be deployed in my organization?



Stesco Consulting combines the experience of management with the expertise of mobility and wireless technology. We understand the mandate for a uniform strategy and the operational tools to successfully innovate. Our focus is to assist your organization in understanding:

 What is available today

 What is working well

 How to plan for the future and know what will work better



Our Mobility Diagnostic Laboratory is a low-cost way to shorten your learning curve and build a powerful mobility strategy. The diagnostic requires a minimal investment of resources and is designed to put you on the fast track to valuable improvements. The resulting strategy helps executive leadership embrace opportunity that combines the unique needs of your business, organizational culture, and current technology.

Mobility Strategy

Helping Your Business

We have compiled a select list additional resources that may provide some valuable information.


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