Our Mobility Strategy Diagnostic is a great way to unearth the hidden power of mobility for your organization.


Stesco Consulting offers an entire life cycle of guidance and structure focusing on the attainment and implementation of the strategic framework. Our role is that of a neutral facilitator lending assistance when and where it is needed most. We do not have any direct link to a specific technology, product, or service. This allows you to partner with us in the development of your mobility strategy without fear of bias for a particular product or solution provider. Stesco Consulting is positioned to become a trusted advisor.


We follow a structured pattern of measurement, which enables us to refine execution, specific to the details and intricacies of your organization. The focus is on enhancing the process to provide maximum benefit and value. Throughout the diagnostic process, we utilize the core findings from the diagnostic laboratory to further design the right solution that will work best within your underlying organizational processes, operations, communication policies, and culture.


We measure value in a clear manner by quantifying total cost of ownership and qualifying organizational benefit. We focus on tangible results that can later be demonstrated through field studies and measurement. We strive to maximize your return on investment with a strategy that is not only tailored to your organization, but alive with results that enable refinement and further benefit.


As mobility becomes a mainstream focus in business, Stesco Consulting is focused on helping you understand:

 If mobility is right for your business

 Why it should be considered

 How to improve efficiency and benefit

 How to demonstrate clear results


We are focused on helping your organization embrace the most successful approach to mobility.

Mobility Diagnostic Planning

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"We use a highly collaborative process to assimilate creative thought with the intricacies of your business. The use of an intense diagnostic develops an overview of what mobility means for your organization."

Within one week of completion of the workshop, Stesco Consulting will deliver a Mobility Diagnostic Laboratory Workbook and Summary to each participant that will outline the content and results of the session including:

A Roadmap for Mobility

Two to three weeks after the laboratory, Stesco Consulting will present a summary of what we discovered and any additional observations, findings, and recommendations for next steps, including a strategic mobility roadmap based on the unique opportunities for your organization. The roadmap is a great tool for the sponsors and participants to use in communicating the possibilities that wireless and mobility have for your organization. It outlines the business opportunities, their potential for ROI and describes a process for taking your ideas and making them real value drivers for your organization.

 Presentation Materials

 Business opportunity summary and business strategy overview

 Mobility initiatives recommendations, grouping the opportunities into related initiatives

 Recommended next steps

Helping Your Business

execute the vision

it needs to thrive