Company Objectives

Stesco Consulting. is founded upon the belief that an existence devoted to using our individual talents and pursuing opportunity is primary in the functioning of everyday life.  This creates an atmosphere of leadership through service.  We believe that the following principles are critical to the success of our organization:


· To use our talent and abilities to reflect our priority and focus.

· To provide an atmosphere of support and encouragement.

· To inspire achievement, excellence, and success.

Helping Your Business

To use our talent and abilities to reflect our priority and focus:


We believe that we have been blessed with a unique vision for Stesco Consulting.  We encourage individual excellence and the pursuit of individual growth (professionally, spiritually, emotionally, and physically).  We seek truth and knowledge and the pursuit of freedom.  We believe that it is our responsibility to work with ethics and integrity and honor God in all that we do.   This provides a fulfilling work environment and encourages caring service.   It is only through our service (both on an individual and a corporate level) that we can establish true leadership.


It is our responsibility to utilize our talents and abilities to their fullest extent.  This principle does not allow the individual to manifest an attitude of complacency or apathy, but rather, it encourages each person to do their best and to make a difference.  Further, it forces us to seek out the best we have to offer as members of the Stesco organization.


As we seek these truths and apply them to our daily lives, it becomes apparent that Stesco has placed itself in the position of being a company that is able to deliver more than is contracted - on every level.


To provide an atmosphere of support and encouragement:


We believe that each individual is specially created and uniquely gifted.  It is our responsibility as an organization to promote an encouraging, challenging, and morally focused environment.  Dedicating ourselves to honoring and respecting each other has placed us in a very unique and opportunistic corporate position.


The intrinsic value of each individual is the premise that allows us to manifest an attitude of personal support to everyone within the Stesco organization, as well as those we encounter on a daily basis.  We strive to look for the good in all people and learn from each challenge that we face.  This support must ultimately be seen, not only in the way we support each other as fellow workers, but also in the way we seek to provide the ultimate in customer service.


Our desire to fulfill the needs and understand the values of each person creates an encouraging atmosphere that is vital to the achievement of Stesco’s individual and financial goals.


To inspire achievement, excellence, and success:


We desire to strengthen each person and encourage them to achieve a better understanding of themselves.  This provides the basis for each individual to attain personal excellence.  We believe that success begins with the individual and manifests itself into the organization.


This “success continuum” (achievement-excellence-success) must translate itself from within the Stesco organization out to the client, via the product and services being individually designed for them.  Our founding principles provide the basis for a Stesco relationship with each employee and every client that surpasses expectations and encourages us to achieve more than we thought was possible.  In a rapidly changing marketplace, this generates the confidence to compete, the stability to inspire, and the persistence to maintain success.


We believe that Stesco Consultings’ objectives are critical to our long-term growth and success.  They form a solid foundation that will propel our employees, customers, shareholders, and investors into a profitable and successful future.

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