Stesco Consultants have the operational experience necessary to handle challenging, stressful, and fast-paced environments.  To ensure operational success, we utilize a network of select consultants that have seasoned executive experience and have the leadership skills necessary to attain organizational results.


Our operational experience allows us to quickly assess organizational needs and embrace key decisions as we adapt to the specific culture.  We focus on ethics and integrity as we manage organizational and project change.

· Fortune-Level Executives:  Many of our consultants have served as executives for large organizations.  We understand the challenges of large organizations and have experience managing within this kind of environment.  We have the leadership skills, project experience, a cultural understanding, and the ability to navigate change in order to attain organizational results.


· Entrepreneurial Leadership:  We combine our experience in fast-paced, aggressive, start-up organizations with our strategic capabilities in order to provide the right combination for new and emerging opportunities.  Many of our consultants have been entrepreneurs with a demonstrated track record of business success.  We have an understanding of the financial, investment, operational, and project challenges that frequent the aggressive nature of capitalizing on new opportunity.


· Technology:  We have a thorough understanding of technology and managing the complexities of large technology-based organizations.  Many of our consultants have been previous CIO’s and understand how to motivate and attain results within diverse and complex organizations.  Our Stesco Consultants have both a breadth and depth of technology related projects.


· Not-for-ProfitWe have extensive experience with not-for-profit organizations, and understand the organizational characteristics that uniquely accompany a donor or membership-based non-profit organization.  We quickly identify the strengths of the organization and understand the intricacies necessary to derive success.  We have the skills and experience to assist with navigating the culture to unify an organizational vision and build a strategic roadmap.  Our combination of cultural experience and strategic development experience will speed the overall time to project completion and help mitigate organizational risk.

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