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Our experience in large companies has breadth and depth, working both in project roless and in executive staff positions.  We are frequently contracted at an executive level to guide strategic initiatives and infuse specific project and leadership expertise.  Our focus is to provide value that surpasses expectations by going beyond what is expected to attain results and increase overall stock-holder value. 


We often work in long-term, interim executive positions to provide continuity, cultural balance, and leadership results.  Some of our customers include: Turner Construction, DuPont, Computer Sciences Corporation, Level 3 Communications, and SAIC.

We have extensive professional experience in working with numerous not-for-profit organizations.  Identifying, understanding, and navigating the intricacies of a donor or membership based, not-for-profit organizations can be challenging.  Our many years of experience and project success have given us a qualified expertise that provides us with specific understanding of the political and cultural characteristics in working with both secular and faith-based, not-for-profit organizations. 


The combination of cultural experience and strategic development experience that we provide will speed the overall time to project completion and help mitigate project risk.  Some of our customers include: The Campus Crusade for Christ organization, several leading universities and private schools, numerous ministry-based organizations, and other membership-oriented organizations.

Large Companies

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We assist small and mid-sized businesses by lending targeted assistance to their organizations.  We provide core strategic and operational assistance, helping companies embrace new opportunity and manage change.  We focus on growth opportunities, both with execution and also with helping these organizations manage cultural and resource related challenges.


Our combination of executive experience, diverse project success, and working with many fast-paced, high-growth companies help us generate cost-effective and highly targeted results for small and mid-sized businesses.

Start-Up Organizations

We have extensive experience working with start-up firms, both in the pre-investment and post-investment stages.  Our project experience has contributed to the entire lifecycle of a start-up organization comprising:  strategic development, financial modeling, business planning, operational execution, technical oversight, risk assessment and mitigation, and marketing / sales assistance.


We have often worked with a direct accountability to investors, ensuring leadership effectiveness and an internal adherence to best practices.  Recent start-up experience includes: global IPTV strategy and operational guidance, Social Networking, Mobility Services, Virtual Education, and numerous technology-related projects.

Mid-Sized and Small Business

We have worked with many types of organizations within Fortune 1000, non-profit, mid-sized and small companies to help them embrace global opportunity.  We have worked in a variety of industries including: service, hospitality, construction, manufacturing, logistics, technology, telecommunications, and many more. 


Today, we leverage our experience and repository of key lessons learned and best practices to create results in a highly effective and efficient manner.  Our experience combines with customer expertise to generate strategic advantage.  We strive to meet and exceed customer expectation.  We operate upon the foundational values of honesty and integrity and are driven to achieve customer excellence.

"Stesco’s breadth and depth of consulting experience helps companies attain highly targeted and cost-effective results for both large and small organizations alike.  Their project experience and leadership capabilities can help any company embrace new opportunity and manage change with the utmost success."

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