Our Stesco Consultants focus on balancing proven experience with managing the unique needs each project.  As we work with each client, we make it a priority to gain an understanding of your organizational mission and culture.  We then combine our experience with our understanding of the project needs and organizational culture.  We work closely with you to provide options that uniquely fit into your long-term strategies and budget.


We want to partner with you in such a way that you can easily leverage our expertise. At the same time, we know that being a good partner means allowing you to be consistent with your internal needs and plans. We will do our part to steer you away from pitfalls, and lay out a course of events that makes sense in your unique environment.

We have developed a methodology that is designed to help an organization clearly set its direction and gain the commitment necessary to execute and support the ensuing strategy.  Depending on the specific needs of a project, any portion of this methodology can be used or custom tailored to delver specific results.


Our process will guide each project through key phases.  Each project phase is designed to lay the foundation for the next and subsequent phase of development and design.  At the end of the process, the organization will have a well-defined present state analysis, an understanding of key business processes, and a roadmap for technology support and execution.  Each project will typically conclude with a realistic plan that will detail the supporting elements and provide a framework for ongoing costs.

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