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A Mobility Strategy Workshop can be a tremendous competitive differentiator for your organization.



Introduction: Mobility is a Business Reality


Mobility in the workforce is a reality for every business today.† The sustained combination of investment, technology innovation, and consumer acceptance has brought us into a new era of potential for management and operational efficiencies.† As the wireless generation continues to mature and gain momentum, companies are being forced to take notice.† Investment continues to be made with or without a unified corporate awareness and strategy.†


Yet, mobility is not just a cultural or technological phenomenon.† Effectively utilized, mobility is about eliminating inefficiencies, shortening process cycles, and optimizing business by providing information to the right people at the exact time they need it, regardless of location.†


With an ever quickening pace of competitive differentiation and advantage, the pressure to change is enormous.† Today, we cannot imagine conducting business without our cell phones, as that would provide a huge disruption to our productivity.† Likewise, as wireless networks have continued to mature, we have seen a migration from standard cell phone utilization to text messaging and email to electronic publishing to streaming audio and video.


The value of these services is rapidly increasing, creating an even greater demand for them.† Yet, as we embrace these changes, the underlying organizational processes, operations, communication policies, and culture are all affected.† How do we embrace this opportunity, yet structure the dependencies?†


With an almost unlimited array of vendors and services driving towards the attainment of any-where, any-time access to information, it is increasingly difficult for organizational leadership to understand how to make sense of it all.† Leading executives are asking themselves:

 What does mobility mean in the context of my business?

 How can it be used for advantage?

 Where should it be deployed in my organization?


Stesco Consulting combines the experience of management with the expertise of mobility and wireless technology.† We understand the mandate for a uniform strategy and the operational tools to successfully innovate.† Our focus is to assist your organization in understanding:

 What is available today?

 What is working well?

 How to plan for the future and know what will work better?


The Benefit of a Mobility Strategy:


Mobility technology is now seen as a key strategic requirement for most organizations, with mobility and wireless systems being implemented as core business capabilities.† With hundreds of products available in the ever-changing marketplace of mobility and wireless, the challenge is to understand the overall benefit, and then to select the most suitable product(s) to successfully deploy within your organization. In this relatively new field, the focus must therefore be on identifying and sharing best-practice approaches to mobility deployment.†


A mobility strategy helps executive leadership embrace opportunity that combines the unique needs of your business, organizational culture, and current technology.† The leaders and managers of your organization are the most valuable asset your business has.† By giving them the chance to reflect on both the current capabilities of mobile technology and business opportunity, solutions can be uniquely developed within the context of your business operations and processes.†


Using a facilitated, collaborative environment is the best starting point to discuss mobility opportunities.† By leveraging the combination of organizational knowledge and proven mobility experience, your organization can open the door to new opportunities and effective deployment of mobility solutions.


Stesco Consulting has a strong knowledge of the mobility and wireless technology market and the ability to provide your leaders with a non-technical explanation of mobilityís potential to generate measurable results.† Using this knowledge as a starting point for your research will allow you to navigate through the countless options in this market to discover the appropriate strategies and solutions for your organization.†


Stesco Consultingís expertise in mobility allows us to summarize best practices and competitive trends, as well as share specific solutions implemented in other organizations.† We will assist you in conducting a gap analysis between best practices and your organizationís current mobility programs or program opportunities.† We will create benchmarks customized for your organization that summarize best practices and competitive trends, as well as share specific mobility solutions implemented in other organizations.†



A Mobility Strategic Workshop:


A strategic workshop can be a great way to build a mobility strategy for your organization.† The workshop is designed for senior business managers, line managers, senior IT managers and key decision makers to join together to consider the best solutions to generate business value through mobility and wireless technologies.† This provides an opportunity for key members of your organization to explore opportunities for utilizing mobility to improve your business operations.†


This strategic exercise provides a robust and successful way for leaders in organizations to see their operationís current and potential performance in the context of todayís mobility capabilities.† By leveraging the mobility workshop you will begin to see your opportunities with fresh eyes and turn the asset of knowledge and experience into corporate learning and strategy.† This puts you on the fast track to implementing mobility solutions that deliver significant results for your organization.


The mobility strategic workshop is intended for business operations experts and decision-makers to discuss and compare the needs of the organization with the current capabilities available through mobility and wireless technologies.† Considering the impact that mobility has had on business operations in the last few years, there are many opportunities to discover complimentary applications that will provide significant benefit for your organization.††


Participants gain perspective and insight from Stesco mobility experts, and leave with actionable and practical opportunities identified.† Using experienced consultants to facilitate, this workshop will provide an opportunity to explore and debate key issues for your organization in respect to mobility and wireless strategies.† Participants will assess and identify key drivers for your organization, explore opportunities for improvement, and establish a set of priorities.† In this process, participants will be introduced to some simple, yet powerful frameworks for use in future exploration and decision-making.† Participants can expect to takeaway a prioritized shortlist of key opportunities that warrant further investigation.


This mobility strategic workshop may be just what you and your team needs to address current challenges, create competitive differentiation, and embrace new opportunities for your business.


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