We started “The Social Gathering” as a subsidiary organization to focus entirely on social media.


We help you focus on understanding, embracing, and using social media with purposeful impact!

Social Media

Stesco Consulting and The Social Gathering provide a full service offering for social media, helping you plan effectively and achieve targeted results.  Our focus is to help you embrace web 2.0 tools in order to create organizational advantage.  


We focus on helping you understand key issues and concepts, such as:

· Syndication and Federation

· Architecture of Web 2.0

· How to acquire, manage, and maintain virtual relationships

· Concepts of viral growth

· How to format multimedia content for maximum impact

· “Best Practices” for constructing and managing social media

· Helping you identify and understand the social graph for your organization

· Focus specifically on organizational value and Return on Investment

"Social Media is about people having conversations, building relationships, and sharing information online.”


We help you design, build, and operate a solution that is right for you!

Helping Your Business

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Social Media: a High-Impact Educational Workshop
This explains the value and an overview of our social media educational workshop, presented by TheSocialGathering.net and Stesco Consulting.

Our “Social Media High-Impact Educational Workshop” is specifically designed to teach you about social media and answer your questions


It is provides you with an strategic investment for attaining the knowledge necessary to use social media.


Click the following link to view an introduction:

View the following presentation for an executive overview about why your organization should be taking a serious look at Social Media today:

Social Media: An Executive Overview
TheSocialGathering explains why Social Media is something that cannot be ignored by any organization today.

Our focus is to help you understand how to embrace social media and realize the benefits for your organization that social applications can deliver.

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