Strategic Planning Methodology

Stesco Consultants use proven methodologies to help navigate the complexities of change.  Our approach uses a step-wise method to create maximum organizational success.  We leverage proven aspects of strategic development, which help us plan for the unknown and avoid potential pitfalls.


A sample phased approach for a typical Strategic Planning Project follows:

1. Initial Assessment:  This frames the overall strategic approach.  It begins the process of gathering information and investigating what opportunities are available.  This phase lays the ground-work by outlining high-level goals and objectives for the client.  This will identify the core aspects for creating a successful strategic framework and moving forward.


2. Analysis & Research: This follows from the Initial Assessment by taking the assessment findings and beginning a deep dive of analysis and research.  Each topical area will be analyzed by looking at industry best practices and networking with industry experts.  A compilation of research and analysis will be compiled into a repository of findings that will guide the subsequent project components.


3. Planning & Design: This begins to roll-up the analysis and research conducted by evaluating client-specific issues, key work-processes, and overall operational functionality for the strategic approach.  Each topical area is targeted and explored in detail, looking at aspects for optimum delivery and execution of an overall strategic plan. This phase begins to look at scenarios for and best-fit execution for an overall strategic plan.


4. Strategic Formulation: This takes the overall planning and design efforts and builds the overall framework for a multi-year plan.  Various scenarios are evaluated looking specifically at execution variables such as cost, timing, and resource availability in order to identify the best-fit strategic plan.  This enables the identification of potential risks and the development of a risk mitigation plan to ensure proper management and execution.  Additionally, critical success factors are identified that will help measure success as the project moves forward into implementation. 

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