Establishing a business is not particularly difficult. However, planning for and developing a profitable, growing business is a complex, ongoing process. Adequate planning, attention to details, and realistic expectations are critical to your success, especially if the business grows rapidly.

Strategic Planning

Stesco Consulting Strategic Planning Services provide professional consulting for large organizations, business owners, and entrepreneurs. Our focus is to help you embrace change by turning it into business advantage.


Stesco Consulting offers an entire life cycle of guidance and structure focusing on the attainment and implementation of the strategic framework. Our role is that of a neutral facilitator lending assistance when and where it is needed most. We do not have any direct link to a specific technology, product, or service. This allows you to partner with us in the development of your organizational strategy without fear of bias for a particular product or solution provider. Stesco Consulting is positioned to become a trusted advisor.


We assist with:

 Business planning

 Review of existing plans and strategies

 Exploration of new strategic opportunity

 Team facilitation

 Guidance on starting a new business

 Business growth and expansion

 Financial analysis and budgetary development

We use proven methodologies to help navigate the complexities of change. Our approach uses a step-wise method to create maximum organizational success. We leverage proven aspects of strategic development, which help us plan for the unknown and avoid potential pitfalls.

"As a vendor neutral facilitator, Stesco Consulting is positioned as a trusted advisor, delivering the most applicable, results-oriented solution for your business."


Some of the common evaluation aspects for any strategic initiative include:

 Organizational Vision and Mission

 Executive Support and Sponsorship

 Cultural Identification

 Change Management Approach

 Overall Scope, Purpose, and Objectives

 Priority Identification and Project Management Approach

 Market, Audience, and Industry Analysis

 Competitive Assessment

 Financial Analysis including ROI, Cost-Benefit, etc.

 Major Deliverables & Processes

 Critical Success Factors

 Roles & Responsibilities


 Risk & Contingency Plan

 Implementation Strategy

 Pilot / Proof-of-Concept Approach

 Budgetary Estimates

Helping Your Business

We have compiled a select list additional resources that may provide some valuable information.


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